• Alejandro Castelli
    Alejandro Castelli, 2019/04/23 00:11

    Hi, I am new here, and I'm sorry bothering you, my account in Forum has been deleted, could you help me somehow or put me in contact with admins?
    Sorry again, I don't know what I have to do.
    A. Castelli
    Santo Domingo
    Rep├║blica Dominicana

  • Karen Austin
    Karen Austin, 2019/05/26 20:36

    Hey Thomas,
    I tried to reply to your message about me having two accounts, but the email reply didn't go through, and now my account is locked, so I can't reply to any forum messages. I'm trying to get a wiki created for my TADA group. I don't know why it's showing I have two accounts, but I would like just the one in lower case [karenkga] If you can unblock my account and create my wiki, I would be SOOOOO grateful! Thanks!

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