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Thomas Mortagne 60.1 2 MyXWiki.org is experiencing some important performance problems. Until this is fully sorted out new wiki creation is on hold.
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Vincent Massol 41.1 9 = Offer =
Ecaterina Moraru 47.1 11 MyXWiki.org is a **free service** offered by [[XWiki SAS>>http://www.xwiki.com/]] for **non-profit organizations** and **individuals**. It's subject to the rules and limitations listed below.
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Vincent Massol 37.2 13 For more elaborate needs, XWiki SAS offers [[XWiki Cloud>>http://www.xwiki.com/en/products/try-xwiki-cloud]] and [[professional hosting and support services>>http://www.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Services/Hosting]]. Organizations evaluating wikis can also [[download a standard distribution of XWiki Enterprise>>http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Download#HXWikiEnterprise]] for this purpose.
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Vincent Massol 54.1 15 == What is it for? ==
Ecaterina Moraru 47.1 17 The farm is open to individuals and non-profit organizations to create wikis on. However the target users are mostly technical people who can support themselves. This farm should never be used for critical wikis. For that consider using [[XWiki Cloud by XWiki SAS>>http://www.xwiki.com/en/products/try-xwiki-cloud]].
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19 == What is it not? ==
21 It’s important to realize that myxwiki.org is not for testing XWiki! It’s a farm for real projects that are non-business oriented (non-profit organizations and individuals). But it’s maintenance work for the XWiki developers of the xwiki project (to create the wikis, to remove them after you’ve finished using them, to answer questions, etc) and all this time it taken from the development of XWiki itself. So we prefer to reserve myxwiki.org for real usage and not for testing.
23 If you what you need is testing XWiki, you have 3 solutions:
24 * Try the [[XWiki.org Playground>>https://playground.xwiki.org/]]
25 * [[Download and install XWiki on your machine>>https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Download/]] (there's a very simple demo distribution that only requires to unzip a file)
26 * Test XWiki on [[XWiki Cloud>>http://www.xwiki.com/en/products/try-xwiki-cloud]]
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Ecaterina Moraru 47.1 31 == Rules & Limitations ==
Vincent Massol 13.1 33 This community farm is subject to the following rules:
Ecaterina Moraru 43.1 34
Ecaterina Moraru 47.1 35 * **No support warranty**. All support is done on the [[XWiki Forum>>http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Discuss]] by the community.
36 * **No stability warranty**. We install the latest milestone version of XWiki Enterprise Manager on this farm and we use it as a stability test for the XWiki development team.
37 * **No uptime warranty**. It’s possible the farm will be down a few days in a row although we’ll do the maximum so that it doesn’t happen.
38 * **No performance warranty**. This farm is hosting a lot of wikis and they share the same XWiki instance so it's possible that you wiki will be slow.
39 * **No upgrade help**. You'll need to handle that yourself when we upgrade the XWiki instance for this farm.
40 * It's your duty to keep your wiki healthy and to avoid having it use too many resources (CPU and memory). This means **avoiding using costly scripts** and properly securing your wiki to avoid spam users and spam comments. Your wiki may be closed if it's not abiding by this rule.
41 * You **don't have Programming Rights** on your wiki for security reasons. This means you cannot install Extensions requiring Programming Rights or Extensions installing JARs, nor use privileged APIs inside scripts in wiki pages.
Vincent Massol 54.1 42 * You **won't** be able to create subwikis.
Ecaterina Moraru 50.1 43 )))
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Ecaterina Moraru 47.1 47 == Register your wiki ==
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Vincent Massol 9.1 49 {{info}}
Thomas Mortagne 20.1 50 If you're interested in having a wiki hosted on this farm please follow steps:
Thomas Mortagne 39.1 51 1. [[Register on myxwiki.org>>http://myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/register/XWiki/XWikiRegister?xredirect=%2Fxwiki%2Fbin%2Fview%2FMain%2F]] (this wiki)
Vincent Massol 44.1 52 1*. Make sure to set an email address for your user since that would be needed if we need to contact you about your wiki.
Vincent Massol 39.2 53 1. Create a topic (in English) on the [[XWiki Forum>>https://forum.xwiki.org/c/myxwiki]] (you'll need to register there too), providing the following details
Thomas Mortagne 20.1 54 1*. **description**: give a brief description of what you want to use this wiki for
Vincent Massol 21.1 55 1*. **owner name**: the name you have registered at step 1
Thomas Mortagne 52.1 56 1*. **wiki name**: the name that will be used before ##.myxwiki.org## to access the wiki. For example if you pick ##acme## you'll access your wiki with ##https:~/~/acme.myxwiki.org##. Wiki names are limited to 30 characters, lower cased, must start with a letter (##[a-z]##) followed by a letter, a number or a dash (##[a-z1-9\-]##).
Thomas Mortagne 20.1 57
Vincent Massol 21.1 58 One of the XWiki community Admins will then create the wiki for you (allow a few days to process your request).
Vincent Massol 9.1 59 {{/info}}
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Vincent Massol 41.1 63 = FAQ =
Vincent Massol 45.2 65 {{toc scope="local"/}}
Vincent Massol 41.1 67 == What's the difference with XWiki SAS Cloud? ==
Ecaterina Moraru 50.1 69 (% class="table table-hover" %)
Ecaterina Moraru 43.11 70 |=Feature/Service|=(% width="40%" class="active" %)myxwiki.org|=(% width="40%" %)[[XWiki SAS Cloud>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/try-xwiki-cloud]]
Ecaterina Moraru 50.1 71 |=Who can use it?|(% class="active" %){{html clean="false"}}<mark>Non-profit organizations and individuals</mark>{{/html}}|Anyone
72 |=Target audience|(% class="active" %)Mostly technical people who can support themselves|Anyone including non technical users
Vincent Massol 54.1 73 |=Cost|(% class="active" %)Free|((([[Paying>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/pricing#xwikicloud]] (starting at 10€/month), 50% discounts for NGO and free for open source projects.
Vincent Massol 54.2 75 You can test XWiki for free during 10 day and self-extend twice, which amounts to total of 30 days of free testing. You can get an even longer evaluation period by contacting XWiki SAS after your first month.
Vincent Massol 54.1 76 )))
Ecaterina Moraru 50.1 77 |=Uptime|(% class="active" %)No uptime (can be down at any time and for several days)|[[Guaranteed by SLA>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/compare-xwiki-versions]]
78 |=Version of XWiki|(% class="active" %)Non-stable version of XWiki, the farm is used as a real life test bad for newer versions of XWiki|Stable and recommended versions of XWiki
79 |=Support|(% class="active" %)By the [[community>>https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Support#HCommunitySupport]], on a will basis (works best if you help others too), no reponse time guarantees|By dedicated professionals, [[guaranteed by SLA>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/compare-xwiki-versions]]
80 |=Performance|(% class="active" %)No performance warranty. This farm is hosting a lot of wikis and they share the same XWiki instance so it's possible that you wiki will be slow.|Dedicated XWiki instance
81 |=Volumes|(% class="active" %)Fair use. It's your duty to keep your wiki healthy and to avoid having it use too many resources (CPU and memory). This means avoiding using costly scripts and properly securing your wiki to avoid spam users and spam comments. Your wiki may be closed if it's not abiding by this rule.|[[Guaranteed volumes>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/compare-xwiki-versions]]
82 |=Sub wikis|(% class="active" %)No subwiki|[[Subwikis allowed>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/compare-xwiki-versions]]
83 |=Permissions|(% class="active" %)No programming rights, which means you cannot install Extensions requiring Programming Rights or Extensions depending on JARs, nor use privileged APIs inside scripts in wiki pages. Scripting languages other than Velocity are not allowed (Groovy, Python, Ruby, etc)|Programming Rights provided
84 |=Upgrades|(% class="active" %)No upgrade help. You'll need to handle that yourself when we upgrade the XWiki instance for this farm|[[Regular upgrades>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/services/hosting]] & [[custom upgrade plans>>https://www.xwiki.com/en/products/compare-xwiki-versions]]
Vincent Massol 45.1 85
86 == How do I remove my wiki? ==
88 If you don't need your wiki anymore, send a post on the [[XWiki Forum>>https://forum.xwiki.org/c/myxwiki]] to ask for deletion by mentioning:
Ecaterina Moraru 50.1 89
Vincent Massol 45.1 90 * The wiki id
91 * Your user id (you must be the wiki owner to ask for deletion)
93 We will then contact you privately on the forum to ask confirmation questions to make sure you're the owner of that wiki and then we'll proceed to remove it!
Ecaterina Moraru 48.1 94
95 == Who is the legal entity behind MyXWiki? ==
97 The MyXWiki.org farm is managed by the [[XWiki.org>>http://www.xwiki.org]] community under the defined [[Governance>>https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Governance]]. In particular, administrators for this farm are chosen among the [[XWiki Committers>>https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Committership]] (see [[Current list of active committers>>https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/HallOfFame]]). Currently there is no organization, foundation or other form of association that groups all XWiki's committers into an legal entity.
99 MyXWiki.org farm is sponsored and hosted by [[XWiki SAS>>http://xwiki.com/]], which is a legal entity and it's registered in the Trade and Companies' Register of Paris under the number 477 865 281. XWiki SAS's administrative headquarters are located at: XWiki SAS, 35/37 rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris, France.
101 == What about Copyright and Intellectual Property? ==
Ecaterina Moraru 50.1 103 This farm is governed by French and International legislation on copyright and intellectual property. Each wiki owner is responsible for their own content. Also the target of this farm are non-profit organizations and individuals, so the generated wiki should not be used for commercial purposes.
Ecaterina Moraru 48.1 104
105 == What about Privacy Policy? ==
107 The wiki's visibility (public, private) is handled by the wiki owner. Each wiki's data is managed by the wiki owner. The information (wiki name, description) that are given during the registration step are publicly available. We don't distribute the registration e-mail to third-parties, but the email is needed in case we need to contact you about your wiki.
109 MyXWiki.org farm is using functionality and preferences cookies (examples: authentication cookies - for when the users log in so that they don't have to log in again every time they connect to the site; language cookies - remembering the selected language).
111 MyXWiki.org farm doesn't uses third-party analytics tools and plug-ins. Still, each wiki owner can customize their wiki and install third-party tools as extensions.
Vincent Massol 49.1 113 The wiki also sends an ping to xwiki.org every day, in order to gather [[anonymous statistics>>https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Active%20Installs%20Client%20API#HDescription]]. This allows to generate the [[Active Install Dashboard>>https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/ActiveInstalls/WebHome]].
Ecaterina Moraru 48.1 114
115 MyXWiki.org farm stores server log files for debugging purposes.
Ecaterina Moraru 51.1 117 MyXWiki.org [[administrators>>XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup]] have technical access to wikis and use that access only for maintenance reasons of the farm.
Ecaterina Moraru 48.1 118
119 XWiki.org community and [[XWiki SAS>>http://xwiki.com/]] are not using any information and data gathered by the MyXWiki.org farm.
Thomas Mortagne 55.1 120
121 == What is MyXWiki.org running with
Thomas Mortagne 56.1 123 You can find more details about the MyXWiki.org setup and hardware on the [[Infra page>>Infra]].
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